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Other boilers / products

Besides hot water boilers and steam boilers, Engineering firm Novum also produces additional components for steam installations. Required equipment such as degassers, condensate tanks, steam distributor, spray tank etc. is supplied by Novum and, if applicable, optimally matched. A complete steam generating installation can be designed and assembled by us. In addition, the product range includes various types of heat exchangers, steam generators and complete container boiler houses.




Horizontal spray degasser for the removal of oxygen in boiler feed water to <0.1 mg / l. The degassers are usually made of stainless steel 316 but can also be made of steel according to PED. The degassers are supplied with necessary fittings and possibly with support construction and platform. The degassers are available for steam installations of 200 – 20,000 kg / hr.

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Condensate tanks

Horizontal or vertical condensate tank for collecting and transporting condensate. The condensate tanks are almost always made of stainless steel 316 and are supplied with necessary fittings and condensate pumps.

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Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are required for various processes in a steam installation. Examples are:

  • TSAs for converting steam to hot water
  • Economizers for heat recovery from flue gases
  • Heat exchangers for the recovery of heat from drain water

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Steam generators

Steam generators can generate low or high-pressure steam using primary steam (of a higher pressure), hot water or electricity. The steam generator can be made of steel or stainless steel 316 and built according to the PED.

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Container boiler houses

Both hot water and steam boilers can be supplied in fully equipped container boiler houses. A standard transport container can serve as a basis, but complete boiler houses are also built to measure, in consultation with the client and according to a tried and tested concept.

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