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Novumax PM-HR (575 – 2250 kW, HR107)

The Novumax PM-HR is designed for a new generation of premix gas-fan burners. The Weishaupt series WM-G10 ZM-PLN and WM-G20 ZM-PLN are being used.

The special characteristics of these burners are:

  • A newly developed mixing device a very homogeneous gas / air mixture is achieved. This mixture is ignited on a cylindrical metal fiber deck. The very stable, small flames-blanket remains very low in temperature, causing a reduction of the thermal NOx formation. Depending on the excess air, NOx emissions can be achieved from 20 – 50 mg / nm3.
  • In comparison with traditional burners, flame-pulsations hardly occur at the premix burner. This results in a very favorable noise level at the top of the chimney.
  • The required combustion space of a premix burner is much smaller compared to traditional burners.

The Novumax PM-HR uses the latter characteristic. The fire is optimally tuned to the premix burner, creating a very compact unit. Thanks to the cylindrical combustion bed, the heat transfer in the fire is very uniform and no thermal peak loads occur.

For good service and maintenance of the boiler and burner, the burner plate of the boiler is equipped with a console on wheels, so the burner plate with burner can be driven away.

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