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Novumax LD-HR (100 – 1000 kg/hr, HR)

The Novumax LD-HR is a high-yield low-pressure boiler, made entirely from 316L stainless steel. You don’t need permits for the boiler, steam can be supplied of circa 0,4 bar (5.80 psi). The safety pressure is 0,5 bar (7.25 psi). The concept is revolutionary:

  • The dispensing of chemicals (oxygen binders) is no longer needed due to the choice of material. That means that the preheating of the make up water to remove oxygen is also no longer needed.
  • Conservation of the boiler, during times of idleness, is not needed.
  • The yield is circa 8% higher than with traditional low-pressure boilers thanks to the widely dimensional heat exchanger. The cold make up water is led into the boiler against the stream; smoke fumes can condensate inside the boiler.
  • The drainage system is automated and optionally equipped of heat recovery by preheating of the make up water.

Brochure Novumax LD-HR     PI schema Novumax LD-HR     Technisch blad Novumax LD-HR

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