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Novumax HDE (300 – 6000 kg/hr)

The Novumax HDE has been extra equipped with a custom-built second heat exchanger (economizer) with which the relatively feedwater from the degasifier is heated with smoke fumes. This economizer is, just like the first heat exchanger in the boiler, made up from smooth crosswise placed water pipes. The heat exchanger is situated in a pressure part completely filled with water which at the top/water side is connected to the boiler. The cold make up water is led in from the bottom. In this economizer, the smoke fumes are cooled down to 3-35K above the make up water temperature, depending on the load setting of the burner. The heating process within the economizer takes place on the basis of natural water circulation. The system is suitable for a standard pump in – pump out arrangement and doesn’t need additional arrangements or safety features.

Brochure Novumax HD(E)     Technisch blad Novumax HD(E)


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