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Novumax HD (300 – 6000 kg/hr)

Just like the Novumax central heating boiler, the Novumax steam boiler (HD) is a boiler with a widely dimensional flue and a downstream water pipe heat exchanger. In this heat exchanger smoke fumes are cooled down to 5-50K above the steam temperature, depending on the load setting of the burner. Apart from the famous Novumax benefit – low NOx emissions – the boiler also has favorable electricity generation features. The water pipe heated surface brings the internal water circulation quickly and efficiently to a boil, which means that the temperature is very evenly distributed. Due to the lack of flue pipes, the boiler is extremely flexible and easy to inspect. The steam boiler is built according to the Directive 2014/68/EU, legislation on pressure equipment PED (Pressure Equipment Directive). In the interest of the legislation and security, the steam boiler is equipped with a custom burner and high-quality appendages. If required, the company of this boiler can be automated to a large extent.

Brochure Novumax HD(E)     Technisch blad Novumax HD(E)

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