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Novumax H2R (375 – 6000 kW, HR107)

The Novumax H2R is specially designed for:

  • The highest return – To do so, the boiler is equipped with a stainless steel 316 heat exchanger that cools down smoke fumes to just above the water temperature.
  • A very low NOx emission – Ensure this the boiler is equipped with a very wide flue allowing all common low NOx burners to easily comply with the emission standards.
  • Very long lifespan – The boiler was designed in such a way that minimal thermal tensions and material expansion occur.

In the interests of good service and maintenance of the boiler and burner, the front door of the boiler hinge was made in such a way that with several actions the flue, heat exchanger and burner head can be inspected.

Brochure Novumax H2R     Technisch blad Novumax H2R 375-6000

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