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Hot water boilers

Hot water boilers are designed for heating circulating water in a closed heating system. The application is covered by the European Directive 2009/142 / EC (Gas Directive). This implies, among other things, that boilers must be protected at a maximum temperature of 110˚C; the maximum operating temperature is 105˚C (usually a lower maximum operating temperature of 95˚C is chosen). From the past there has been a distinction between so-called improved efficiency (VR) and high efficiency (HR) boilers. The efficiency of boilers is in all circumstances at least 4% higher than VR boilers; however. Under favorable conditions (lower c.w. water temperatures), this difference can rise to 14%. Novum has chosen to only introduce HR boilers on the market.

If a higher operating temperature than 105˚C is required, a so-called hot water boiler is used. This type of boiler also belongs to our program (Novumax HW) and is built according to the European Directive 2014/58 / EC (pressure guidelines). The boiler is provided with the necessary fittings and safety devices.


Novumax PM-HR


Compact HR-107 boiler in the range 575-2250 kW. Equipped with a Weishaupt premix burner (20-50 mg / nm3).

Novumax H2R


HR-107 boiler in the range 375-6000 kW. Equipped with LOW NOx burner (50-70 mg / nm3).

Novumax LN


HR-103 boiler in the range 325-6000 kW. Equipped with LOW NOx burner (50-70 mg / nm3).

Novumax HW


Hot water boiler in the range 250-6000 kW. Maximum water temperature 180˚C. Equipped with LOW NOx burner (50-70 mg / nm3).

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